Praise for Janis Hallowell’s Books

She Was

“Hallowell writes with great compassion about the heart of the heart of our country and of our culture… It is one of the best novels I have read in years.” — John Nichols, author of The Milagro Beanfield War

“(She Was,) with its numerous hot-button issues (i.e., criminal justice, the nature of terrorism, governmental accountability, racial profiling, gays in the military) offers you plenty to think about without telling you what to think. I loved the openness in the book. It’s a speedy read that, nevertheless, got under my skin, and it would be a great book to read as a group.” — Feminist Review

“An engaging … story about the consequences of actions.” — Kirkus Reviews

“Recommended for all public libraries.” — Library Journal

“Editor’s Pick” — The Boulder Daily Camera

“Timely and marvelous. She Was sheds fresh light on the lingering effects of war, on the way our past always lives with us, ready to detonate. Janis Hallowell has crafted a brave, beautiful, and ultimately life-affirming novel that reveals how deeply the personal and political intertwine.” — Gayle Brandeis, author of The Book of Dead Birds and Self Storage

Hallowell deftly sets up one deeply flawed character against an ever-changing backdrop of American history, and through it, prods the reader to examine the ephemeral ideas of identity and responsibility. — Amy Brozio Andrews, In The Fray

“Hallowell’s text … is razor sharp… few writers could match her depiction of Adam’s battle with multiple sclerosis.” — Christian Toto, The Denver Post

“She Was is a great book — written with restrained intensity and emotional vibrancy, with a respect for the past and a thinly-but-nicely veiled warning to all of us that the past is always with us and the future is nothing without it.” — Jana Siciliano, Bookreporter

“With appealingly flawed characters and an engaging dialog that builds suspense throughout She Was, Hallowell probes a universal conscience in this poignant, no-frills account of a life undone.” — Julie Dugdale, 5280 magazine

“Hallowell’s writing is clear, strong, and empathetic…. She tackles some of the most important issues of our time like the legacy of war in America and the ultimate question of responsibility of our actions.” — Vail Daily

“Janis Hallowell is a very good writer; this is an excellent novel. I highly recommend this book for its insights and humanity.” — Jo Manning, Writers on Writing

“Readers will find this book’s themes relevant in a post-9/11 world. The consequences of the Vietnam War are remembered here in a way that provides subtle, and sometimes overt, insight into modern political tensions.” — Rocky Mountain News

“She Was is gripping, deep, relevant and extremely rich as a cultural document that elaborates and brings new light on some of the critical issues facing people in this society in the time of Obama, war, and the monsters of our political creations. Its handling of race, and especially the work of memory is very important … it should enter into a long life in American letters.” — David Carrasco, professor of anthropology, Harvard University

The Annunciation of Francesca Dunn

“Devoid of religious dogma or pat answers, The Annunciation of Francesca Dunn dares us to imagine mystery in our lives, in our time. It’s a book that sends us away refreshed, with the potential to see the sacramental in the everyday.” — The Boston Globe

“In her gently probing, gorgeously written debut novel, The Annunciation of Francesca Dunn, Janis Hallowell explores our desperate desire to believe in something . . . this book is nothing short of divine.” — USA Today

“Provocative and suspenseful . . . Hallowell offers no easy answers as her various narrators incisively trace the intricate connections between divinity and madness, faith and reason.” — People, 4 stars, Critic’s Choice

“A charming and inventive modern spin on the Annunciation of the Virgin. With its vivid, direct language, deft characterizations and gentle humanity, this memorable debut lifts our spirits and teases us with the limits of the possible.” — Janet Fitch, author of White Oleander

“A unique novel about the human yearning for the divine and the divine possibility in human beings. Beautifully written and thought-provoking, it will steal your heart.” — Sue Monk Kidd, author of The Secret Life of Bees

“Hallowell creates convincing characters in circumstances that are never totally black and white . . . Recommended.” — Library Journal

“[An] ambitious first novel . . . Hallowell challenges the reader to think in new ways . . there’s a lot to admire in the complexity of issues [she]raises – and in her lack of easy answers.” — Kirkus Reviews

“Intriguing and memorable.” — Booklist